Angry Troll Pot---ATP

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This is a tall 12oz Fosters beer can pot. With Press in ring----Lid with knob and cool touch wrap. It has the new FLAT BOTTOM with no dome or ridge. And is a one piece design, YES the pot is all one piece with no seam, glue or edges. With 12oz of liquid it still has 3/4 inch of height from water to rim. This pot will fit inside an imusa 12CM pot with both lids on and will also fit inside a SnowPeak 600 pot with the lid on both pots. No more digging food out of the bottom ridge on the standard pot. Also includes a silicone lip guard. WEIGHT WITH LID 2.25oz Without lid 1.75oz
Price: $35.00
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Angry Troll Pot---ATP
Angry Troll Pot---ATP
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