Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fuel do I use for my Minibulldesign stove?

I recommend (in order of preference):

1. HEET brand fuel. Get it in the Yellow bottle.

2. Air-brake antifreeze (100% Methanol-found at most truck stops).

3. De-natured alcohol found in any hardware or paint supply.

4. In a pinch you can use high-proof (180 or higher) distilled spirits, such as Rum, Vodka or Everclear.

You have a lot of different stoves. Which one do I need?

Let's answer that question with two more:

1. What kind of cooking will I be doing while I am on the trail? -Freezer Bag, rehydration, simmering, baking, etc.

2. What size and type of pot will you be using? -Diameter, capacity, material (Titanium vs. Aluminum, Halite, etc.)

If you email me at with the answers to the above questions, I can help you choose a stove that will best meet your needs.

How does an alcohol stove perform under different conditions?

1. Temperature/Weather: A "traditional" soda-can type (open or closed top) stove will perform less than ideally in cold weather (below 30 degrees). A wick-style stove, such as the Bongo series is not affected by low temperatures.

2. Altitude: Altitude, in terms of relative air pressure, has no reported affect on either the soda-can or wick-style stoves we sell. However, the colder temperatures which come with high altitudes can have an effect, as noted under Temperature/Weather above.

3. Wind: ALL alcohol stoves operate under low pressure; therefore they are susceptible to wind. Always use a windscreen and try to stay out of direct wind whenever possible.

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